CAUFS Achievements

CAUFS has been working to improve our neighborhood for over 17 years. Scroll down to see our complete list of achievements.

A group of residents and businesses owners applied for and won a much celebrated Main Street designation. However, it went dark about 8 years later.

14th Street Heights Cherry Blossom Festival successful street festival held along the corridor in 2003.

The Office of Planning pulled together residents, business and properties owners to form the 14th Street Advisory Committee. This Committee would work together for the next 4 years and counting to craft an approved 14th Street Strategic Area Plan. This Plan is the guiding blueprint for our corridors goals and priorities.

OP apply on our behalf and won an ArtPlace and DC Commission grant that allowed us to place a mural on the sidewalk/street (Node 1), have a sidewalk festival (Node 2), and a kitchen crawl/ restaurant crawl (Node 3).

Won the National Capital Area Chapter of the American Planning Association (NCAC APA) today announced the recipients of the 2012 biennial planning Award for an Outstanding Implemented Project, Program or Tool: Central 14th Street ArtPlace (Washington, D.C.).

14th Street Strategic Area Plan was approved by the DC Council October 2012.

Several stakeholders participated in DC Vibrant Retail Streets Toolkit workshop.

The D.C. Office of Planning released the DC Vibrant Retail Streets Toolkit in March 2012. The purpose of this study was to provide information, education, and direction to stakeholders invested in the District’s retail-oriented street environments. The document recommended an eight-phase approach that could be tailored to the individual needs of each neighborhood.

The Toolkit outlined a strategy for creating, maintaining, or reigniting vibrancy along DC’s retail streets. In an effort to initiate the DC Vibrant Retail Streets vision citywide, D.C. Office of Planning will provide retail specific technical assistance to interested neighborhoods who can demonstrate the ability to implement the toolkit long-term through commitment, collaboration and organization.

CAUFS was formed as a non-profit in May.

October-Officially included in the Great Streets boundary. The Great Streets Small Business Capital Improvement Grants are competitive, reimbursable grants of up to $50,000 for small business owners to improve their place of business. The Great Streets grants support existing small businesses, attract new businesses, increase the District’s tax base, create new job opportunities for District residents, and transform emerging commercial corridors into thriving and inviting neighborhood centers.

Began CAUFS 501c(3) application.

January – Hosted our first Heights Community Soup – a potluck dinner where neighbors choose and help fund community projects. – $640 for a summer basketball camp and $770 for 14th & Kennedy Street farmers market. In partnership with AKA, Xi Omega Center.

Partnered with Kennedy Street Development Assoc to form the 14th & Kennedy Street farmers market.

Applied for DPW Murals DC and won mural for large wall on the side of Andromeda (4730 14th St) in Node 2. Work completedn September 2015.

Was granted 501C(3) status in April.

Secured funding for a feasibility study for Main Street that will award 14th & Kennedy Streets a Main Street after 3 recommendations. We are currently working on 1) joint work plan; 2) fundraising $40,000; 3) joint event.

Continued supporting the 14th & Kennedy Street farmers market.

Main Street Feasibility Study Completed – determined that 14th & Kennedy Street
could make a viable Main Street Program.

Main Street program granted to CAUFS & KSDC

Clean Team funded for upper 14th Street