Strategic Plan

CAUFS strategic plan is rooted in our mission – revitalizing the Upper 14th Street NW, Washington, DC community.

The priorities below outline our focus and approach.

Overall Corridor Issues

• Trash and Loitering
• Crime
• No sense of place to attract customers
• Strong need for aesthetic/safety streetscape improvements along the corridor
• Creative placemaking – using our local creative talents to drive our economic
development goals – building characters and a strong sense of neighborhood

Node 1 Goals
• Address the clean and safety issues such as poor lighting, sidewalk trash and street
• Need for storefront improvements
• Need for advertising and branding of the area
• Desire for additional small office uses

Node 2 Goals
• Need for storefront improvements
• Expand customer base beyond daytime breakfast and lunch users
• Coordinated marketing program

Node 3 Goals
• Cleaner and active streetscape
• Need for better lighting
• Desire for a “draw” to bring regular customers to the area

Corridor Wide (Nodes 1-3)
• A Main Street for 14th and Kennedy Streets

• Need for advertising and branding of the area – no sense of place to attract customers
(connectivity from node 1-3)

• Strong need for aesthetic/safe streetscape improvements for Pedestrian safety
along thee corridor Having well light walkways and walkable corridors is a high priority.

• Trash and Loitering: The businesses should clean up their storefronts appearance and
address loitering, drunkenness and safety issues, particularly in Node One (Clean Team for Corridor).

Beautification projects:
– Banners
– Planters
1) Triangle Park in front of Gold Coast Cafe (Node 3).
2) Little Free Library: Have a fundraiser or Supply 3-5. Our community should have
access to books. (Corridor-wide) -
3) Screen on the Green at Hamilton and/or Upshur Park fundraiser.